ZINC AMINO ACID CHELATE – is a chemical substance that is formed as a result of zinc chelation. The result is a substance that has increased bioavailability. As a result of this change can be used to a greater extent by the body. Zinc is characterized by stability, and is also indifferent, for example, to phytates and other compounds that can affect the absorption of zinc by the body. These properties make it an ideal supplement for people who need to increase their zinc intake.

Zinc is essential for many metabolic and energy activities, including hormone production, immune system response, and protein synthesis. The role that this element plays in the production of testosterone is a significant reason for training people to take care of the appropriate level of this element. Supplements with chelated zinc are recommended for vegetarians. Athletes competing in strength and bodybuilding competitions, during the period of intense training. It is possible to purchase zinc amino acid chelate in the form of monopreparations. It also appears on the market in the form of an ingredient in more complex products, such as ZMA, MZB.

Dosage: 10 – 30 mg per day