CELERY SEED – celery seeds have served for centuries as an excellent way to combat colds and flu. In addition, celery seeds are known to support digestion and the proper functioning of the digestive system (including organs such as the liver, spleen). Currently, it is believed that “celery seeds” have the potential to promote kidney function and eliminate excess urates. They are also an addition in supplements with detoxifying effects.

CELERY SEED also has an anti-inflammatory effect that may support the treatment of rheumatoid diseases. In addition, the substances that are contained in celery seeds stimulate blood circulation, which leads to increased oxygenation, as well as tissue nutrition. Celery seed extracts are recommended as a dietary supplement with ingredients with a diuretic effect. Especially indicated during the period of fat reduction and weight loss in the context of sports supplementation. It is also important for athletes practicing disciplines with weight categories, body sports or martial arts.

Dosage: 100 mg of extract per day.