Testosterone Boosters – Ranking 2022

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Testosterone boosters – when to start using?

Testosterone boosters are products that are very popular among training men. The magic phrase TESTOSTERONE arouses a lot of emotions and causes that we get goosebumps and are more willing to focus attention on the person who begins to talk about it. Why is this happening? Testosterone is one of the key hormones that will determine the future of our figure. It is the basis for gaining muscle mass and strength. It is also responsible for our appearance and temperament. The amount of testosterone in the blood distinguishes real men from boys, which is why its high level is strongly desirable.

Testosterone booster are dietary supplements whose main task is to increase the natural level of testosterone, through appropriate physiological actions. This product does not provide synthetic testosterone. It is designed to “force” our body to produce more of the hormone, maintain its high concentration for a long time. Their action is aimed at improving well-being, supporting libido, accelerating regeneration, improving training results

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Is it worth using testosterone boosters?

First of all, it depends on the age of the person training. Age will determine whether it is time to use a testosterone booster or not. We must bear in mind the fact that our body, after about 30 years of age, begins to produce a smaller amount of testosterone. This will be a good time to start supplementation. Age will therefore be the main factor that will determine whether it is time for a good testosterone booster or not.

Another factor that affects the amount of testosterone in the body is our lifestyle. Excess stress, e.g. at work, can be a killer for testosterone, which will result m.in from increased cortisol production. Stress is quite often associated with the wrong diet, which is not only poor in ingredients that promote the growth of testosterone. Also provides anti-nutritional ingredients that reduce its level. It should also be mentioned that very strict diets, e.g. with a reduced supply of fats and a significant caloric deficit, will significantly reduce the level of hormones in our body. The synthesis of hormones is carried out with the help of fats, mainly cholesterol. Complete exclusion of them from meals can be the cause of testosterone problems.

What else is worth knowing…

The third element will be obesity and lack of the right amount of physical activity. Too much body fat in a man’s body will interfere with the testosterone-estrogen ratio. Adipose tissue is endocrine – it produces hormones, m.in estrogens. The more fat we have in our body, the greater the chance that testosterone levels will be disturbed. Similarly, lack of physical activity will favor low testosterone levels. Such an activity as strength training perfectly promotes the growth of anabolic hormones, which also include testosterone.

Summarizing the above paragraph, there are several reasons why you should use testosterone boosters:

  • we are a person over 30 years of age,
  • we have a lot of stress at work,
  • with a deficient diet,
  • during the reduction of body fat,
  • when overweight,
  • we are not very active.
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There is another, very important element that proceeds regardless of the factors described above, and this is PCT – post cycle therapy. Testosterone booster is used as an element of the so-called testosterone booster. “unlock”.

PCT is a period in which we discontinue doping agents such as anabolic-androgenic steroids or prohormones. Sometimes it is recommended to use PCT also after some sarm agents. Of course, depending on the composition of the testosterone booster, it is an additive to the pharmacological unblock, which mostly consists of clomid, HCG and other additives, like aromatase inhibitors. A good testosterone booster will effectively support the effectiveness of the PCT. Allowing us to regulate the natural level of hormones in the body faster.

Testosterone booster during PCT is designed to restore the normal function of our endocrine system, by:

  • stimulating pituitary function,
  • stimulating testosterone production,
  • maintaining a high level of libido,
  • maintaining regeneration,
  • muscle protection against the so-called “inheritances”,
  • reduction of aromatase activity,
  • inhibition of SHGB activity,
  • reduction of cortisol.

How do boosters work on testosterone levels?

The task of testosterone boosters is hormonal optimization in our body. This means that they will seek to lower the activity of the aromatase enzyme. Which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. However, this is only one of the mechanisms. Another is to stimulate the pituitary gland to send a stronger signal to the testicles. Where there is increased testosterone production. This is a direct action that aims to intensify the production of testa. Another feature is to limit shGB globulin, which binds testosterone to its inactive form. The fourth point is the limitation of cortisol and the action of free radicals. These are the most important tasks that are set for a good testosterone booster.

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Another action is primarily stress reduction, i.e. relaxation, toning action. It aims to improve the production of hormones so that the body does not produce too many compounds with a catabolic effect. Excessive amount of stress will have a strong limiting effect on testosterone production. The supplement is also designed to maintain our libido and accelerate regeneration. You should also not forget that testosterone boosters also perfectly support sleep. A significant part of them is used in the period before bedtime. Which contributes to the improvement of the quality of sleep, its depth.

Testosterone boosters can also be used as exercise support. Not only are they intended for use in situations of shortages. They also fulfill their action as an element that increases training possibilities. As part of supportive supplementation, they will perfectly accelerate regeneration, facilitate falling asleep, and contribute to the growth of anabolism. On the reduction, in turn, they will help us get a better look of the figure. Emphasizing the muscles, adding its details. Testosterone booster, especially the one with aromatase inhibitors, will effectively help get rid of excess subcutaneous water.

How to know that we need a testosterone booster?

The main symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • low libido,
  • erection problems,
  • depression and malaise,
  • extended regeneration time,
  • persistent muscle and joint pain,
  • susceptibility to stressful situations,
  • lack of desire for physical activity,
  • apathy.

What are natural testosterone boosters?

Natural testosterone boosters are ingredients of plant origin. Are usually served to us in the form of extracts in supplements. They contain numerous active compounds that have an effect that promotes the growth of testosterone in the body. These include, m.in: fengurek, longjack, smilax officinalis, tribulus terrestris, pine bark extract, mucuna pruriens, maca and many others.

Other natural ingredients are primarily minerals such as magnesium, zinc and calcium, as well as vitamins D3 or B6.

So, as we can see, the role of the testosterone booster is very wide. It not only affects exercise capacity, but above all takes care of many pro-health aspects. If you are a person who feels depressed, does not have the strength and desire to do activity, whose libido is unsatisfactory, then the testosterone booster can be the solution to your problems.

Which products to choose?


Below you will find a list of 10 products. That are most often bought on our website BodyShock.PRO and which collect only positive opinions.

  1. Apollon Nutrition – Hard Target

Apollon Nutrition – Hard Target is a strong testosterone booster. Which is aimed at stimulating testosterone in the body, its increased production, but also the effect of reducing estrogen activity. As an aromatase inhibitor, it will allow access to more testosterone in the body, further promoting its production. Comprehensive action can be used equally for hormonal support during the PCT period. Also as part of the cycle to ensure additional benefits for the figure.

  1. Revange Nutrition – Test Restore

Revange Nutrition – Test Restore is a powerful testosterone and libido stimulator. People testing the product clearly indicate that it is one of the best supplements they used to obtain sexual support. The product is supplemented with a solid dose of arimistane. Which gives us confidence that it will perfectly inhibit estrogen activity. A comprehensive blend of active ingredients will allow you to raise your testosterone to the highest level. You will feel by improving your well-being, increasing strength and much better regeneration.

  1. Core Labs – PCT Pro

Core Labs – PCT Pro is a testosterone booster created specifically for unlocking. The supplement has a significant arimistane supplement. Will allow you to quickly restore the balance between testosterone and estrogen, after a stronger treatment, e.g. with the use of PH. Noteworthy is also the addition of l-dopa, which is responsible, m.in, for the level of dopamine in our body, and this in turn translates into a much better mood and mood. PCT Pro will also take care of your libido, maintaining its high level.

  1. Revange Hardcore – Alpha Male

Revange Hardcore – Alpha Male as the name suggests, the product is designed to create an alpha male out of you! Its action perfectly raises the level of testosterone, as well as very strongly increases libido, which allows you to take the initiative in the bedroom. The supplement is supplemented with a strong aromatase inhibitor, which perfectly reduces the level of ester. The innovative composition contains as many as 22 active substances that support the body on many levels. It is one of the most comprehensive products that is available in our offer.

  1. Intelligent Muscle – Unicor Test

Intelligent Muscle – Unicor Test is designed to optimize your sexual function as well as effectively promote testosterone production. A blend of libido-boosting ingredients will take your sexual abilities to a whole new level. You will literally become a “unicorn” – if you know what we mean. The supplement is ideal for pharmacological PCT, because it does not contain additional, strong ingredients that can interfere with the unlock. We are dealing here with a very powerful test booster, which is completely safe and natural in its operation.

  1. Driven Sports – Activate Xtreme

Driven Sports – Activate Xtreme is a testosterone booster whose mechanism of action is to limit the activity of SHGB – globulin, which causes testosterone to lose its activity. We owe this effect to the Addition of Divinil(R), which has the properties of binding to SHBG and thus more testosterone is available in our body. The product is perfect for people who care about direct action on the increase in testosterone levels. In addition, it supports libido very well.

  1. Kilo Labs – Adapta TEST

Kilo Labs- Adapta Test is an excellent testosterone booster, which is designed for the PCT period, as well as for everyday use. It has been designed in such a way as to accelerate the proper functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, which accelerates the proper production of endogenous testosterone. In addition, anti-estrogen components will take care of the correct ratio of testosterone to estrogen, so that more free testosterone is available for anabolic and regenerative needs. The supplement has been supplemented with such additives as Horny Goat Weed, which perfectly maintains libido and sexual performance.

  1. Metabolic Nutrition – Metatest

Metabolic Nutrition – Metatest is a comprehensive testosterone booster that uses all, the most effective ingredients, with an action that optimizes the endocrine system. The supplement is based on DAA acid, which has a strong effect supporting the production of natural testosterone. Active compounds work synergistically, controlling prolactin, estradiol and cortisol. The supplement is ideal for all people who naturally want to force their body to work more effectively hormonally.

  1. Hammer Labz – PCT Strenght v3

Hammer Labz – PCT Strenght v3 is one of the novelties on the supplementation market. The product, however, deserved to be placed in the ranking due to its composition. It contains 100 mg of arimistane and 100 mg of laxosterone, which guarantees us a strong anabolic effect, as well as a strong inhibitory effect on estrogen production. The supplement can be successfully used as an unlocking element or as a product designed to increase anabolism in your body and give real gains in muscle mass.

  1. Centurion Labz – Retreat PCT

Centurion Labz – Retreat PCT is a strong testosterone booster that lasts us for 60 days of full supplementation. This is definitely the best option when it comes to the price-time ratio of supplementation, which is available in our store. The product is based on arimistane, where the daily dose reaches up to 150 mg! This is an ideal option for people who are looking for a potent aromatase inhibitor. Retreat will easily allow you to strongly break the estro, block its conversion to testosterone. It can be used boldly, as an element of PCT or an addition to the cycle, which will be designed to keep estrogen levels low.

What should you keep in mind when using testosterone boosters?

Testosterone booster promotes the growth of natural hormone levels.
Its action should not block the natural production of hormones.
It is ideal as an element of post cycle therapy PCT.