AJIPURE BCAA are BCAA amino acids that are produced in accordance with the AjiPure patent, and the mark is registered by Ajinomoto. The technological process of producing amino acids in this form consists in their extraction of amino acids from plant products on the principle of the fermentation process. Products marked AjiPure therefore offer us vegan amino acids that come exclusively from plant products. Supplements in this form are usually available as amino acid complexes for vegans. AJIPURE BCAAS are designed to supplement the diet of people avoiding animal products with all the necessary. Amino acids that are necessary for the proper functioning of muscle tissue, but also the nervous system. Many neurotransmitters are produced from amino acids. Lack of the right amount, e.g. tryptophan, will immerse the well-being. Amino acids in this form, such as BCAAs will perfectly complement the daily diet of vegans.

Dosage: 5-10 grams per day.