ARTICHOKE EXTRACT also known as Cynara scolymus, is a plant with large, spike-covered leaves that are edible and extremely nutritious. Artichoke extract is a concentrated product that contains all the beneficial components of this plant, such as cynarin, flavonoids and various vitamins and minerals.

How it works.

Artichoke has many beneficial properties, which are mainly attributed to its high content of cynarin. Cynarin has antioxidant properties that help protect our cells from free radical damage. It also supports liver function by stimulating bile production, which facilitates fat digestion.

Artichoke is also a source of many other nutrients, including fiber, vitamins C and K, as well as magnesium and potassium.

Artichoke extract for health and well-being

Extract has many health benefits. First of all, it supports the digestive system, making it easier to digest fats and preventing bloating. It can also support heart health, thanks to its antioxidant properties and ability to lower cholesterol levels.

Dosage: 300 to 600 mg daily.