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Apollon Nutrition has gained its recognition thanks to such supplements as Assassin, Hooligan or Shogun!The brand does not use fancy blend names, which manufacturers sometimes post to hide a poor composition. Here we have full transparency, we see each of the ingredients and its dosage.

Apollon goes a step further and releases another novelty in 2022 – molotov fat burner!

Molotov is a fat burner that is devoid of stimulants. This is an excellent step on the part of the company, because this type of product was missing from the offer. It is based on three patented formulas such as MitoBurn, Paradaxine and Capsimax. The burner is supplemented with a high dose of Acetylated L-Carnitine and Gamma-Butyrobetaine HCL, which allows for more effective reduction. It is not without reason that the product has been compared to a Molotov cocktail, because the supplement is supposed to be an inflammatory factor. 

Its action will help in fat loss. Its main action is based on increasing thermogenesis. This translates into intensified lipolytic reactions. Writing in a more simple language, Molotov is designed to warm up your body to red!The accumulated fat in your body will be melted to the limit. Is this happening? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and their properties.

Active ingredients of Molotov-a:

1 serving is 4 capsules, in which we will find:

molotov fat burner
Fat burner Apollon Molotov composition

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL – 2000 mg

Molotov’s meringue is a very high dose of l-carnitine in acetylated form (ALC). The acetylation process has made l-carnitine work more strongly, because the body is more willing to use it. This is very good information, because it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier without any problems [1]. Thanks to this, it has many interesting properties m.in it also has a nootropic effect. Strong slimming properties consist in a significant acceleration of the transport of free fatty acids, for the necessary energy. As a result, they end up in the mitochondria. Our body is more willing to use fat. This action also affects lipids. It lowers cholesterol, changes the ratio of LDL lipoprotein to HDL, and you will be healthier.

The action of acetyl-l-carnitine is:

  • Intensified lipolytic processes,
  • More efficient transport of free fatty acids to the mitochondria,
  • More energy in training,
  • Accelerated weight loss,
  • Improvement of regeneration

MitoBurn L-BAIBA (l-Beta-Aminoisobutyric Acic) – 500 mg

It is a unique ingredient that aims to accelerate weight loss. The history of the creation of MitoBurn consists in performing many tests, which in turn gave an answer to the question of what is worth using during weight loss. The researchers observed the human body and its behavior during training and concluded that the level of β-aminoisobutyric acid increases in response to training. It is a stimulus to initiate significant thermogenic reactions in the human body, i.e. fat burning [2]. Molotov fat burner contains a significant amount of MitoBurn to increase the efficiency of the reduction.

Benefits of using MitoBurn:

  • Accelerates the burning of white fat,
  • It increases the activity of brown adipose tissue, which is responsible for fat burning mechanisms,
  • Accelerates the transport of free fatty acids for energy needs,
  • Activates beta-hydroxybutyrate in plasma, responsible for the oxidation of fats,
  • Prevents re-storage of fat,
  • Improves insulin sensitivity of tissues,
  • Protects muscles from catabolism.

Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise Extract) Aframomum Melegueta Seeds – 225 mg

Patented formula of plant extract, which has the effect of reducing body fat located around our belt. What’s more, the above substances increase energy consumption in the body, which intensifies the need to draw energy from the stored fat. In scientific research, paradoxine effectively stimulates brown adipose tissue metabolically. This allows you to lose weight faster and increases the metabolic rate. In addition, the special properties of Grains of Paradise show in women. Studies have shown that the use of the extract itself, without physical exercise, also brings measurable results. Paradoxine has much better properties in combination with l-carnitine and this is another advantage of Molotov.

Paradoxine is:

  • It allows you to transform white adipose tissue into brown,
  • Intensifies energy processes, increases energy expenditure,
  • Increases thermogenesis,
  • Reduces fat without physical activity,
  • Lowers cholesterol, supports the work of the heart,
  • Blocks the re-storage of fat in the body.

Capsimax Capsaicin Extract – 100 mg

Capsimax is a red pepper extract with a huge dose of capsaicin, which allows you to significantly increase thermogenesis.Your body will feel a significant increase in temperature, and this, in turn, greatly accelerates the weight loss effect. The supplement is a much better solution than red peppers. The capsule is devoid of a very pungent taste, which in the case of peppers makes it impossible to eat it. Your body will literally be ignited by capsaicinoids, contained in the patented capsimax formula, which has high quality and standardization. In studies with the participation of capsaicin [3], it has been proven that its thermogenic effect effectively intensifies lipolytic processes and allows for greater energy expenditure.

Capsimax action:

  • Increased thermogenesis,
  • Higher energy expenditure,
  • Improvement of well-being,
  • Relief of inflammation,
  • Increased lipolysis.

Gamma-Butyrobetaine HCL – 50 mg

The last ingredient is Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB), also known as super l-carnitine. The ingredient perfectly increases thermogenesis, especially in combination with physical activity, while increasing sweating. There are also indications that GBB helps in the expansion of blood vessels, which supports physical exertion. Supplementation thus translates into the possibility of performing a more intense effort. This is an additional advantage for people with high pressure. The supplement not only does not raise it, it also allows you to keep them in check. A completely different effect has, for example, caffeine.

GBB operation:

  • A precursor of l-carnitine, effectively raises its level in plasma,
  • Strong thermogenic effect,
  • Significant increase in sweating during exercise,
  • Helps in the transport of free fatty acids for energy needs,
  • It allows you to burn more body fat.

Molotov the new king of thermogenesis?

Looking at the composition of the supplement, we come to the conclusion that it is not accidental. Individual active compounds are aimed at a common goal, which is the increase in thermogenesis. The thermogenic effect of the supplement is at the highest level. Does the burner work? Our team had the opportunity to try it and the answer is yes. The burner works very well. This is another product on the market that we can recommend. Its action can be felt from the first portion. Many people will be satisfied with the effect it gives. The thermogenic effect is very pronounced. The supplement works completely differently than products on caffeine. We recommend the fat burner to active people, but not only. A dietary supplement will work best in combination with physical activity. However, its action also works well for people using a diet.

Practical advice from BodyShock.PRO to get rid of body fat as much as possible.

Apollon Molotov is an ideal solution for people looking for a strong fat burner. It significantly reduces the time of weight loss. There are no stimulants in the composition, so the action is focused strongly on thermogenesis. Molotov does not stimulate and does not raise pressure. It can be the basis for other ingredients with a stimulating effect. The fat burner can be combined, for example, with Shogun. Molotov fat burner can also be combined with, for example, yohimbine, DMAA, DMHA and other stimulants.

Is it worth using a fat burner?

Fat burners are products that help in weight loss, because their action improves the work of metabolism. They allow us to lose unnecessary kilograms faster and enjoy a slim figure faster. This is an accessory that is worth using, but on condition that you sharply zapierniczacie in the gym!


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