Apollon Nutrition R600 (new in Europe)

Apollon Nutrition R600 – extra strong stim!

Apollon Nutrition is one of the supplement companies that clearly states its mission. The brand is one of the premium manufacturers and provides only proven active substances in its products. Their dietary supplements have conquered the US market and are now winning numerous customers in Europe. Just read the reviews of Apollon’s most popular products, such as Assasin, Hooligan, Shogun, Chaos, or Overtime, and you will see for yourself that they garner only positive feedback. One of the new products in Europe is Apollon Nutrition R-600, which has as much as 600 mg of pure caffeine.


Apollon R600 – properties

Apollon Nutrition R-600 is a powerful dose of caffeine of up to 600 mg per serving! It is given to us in three different forms. The supplement is designed to stimulate quickly and strongly. Also to maintain a state of increased activity for many hours. A specially designed formulation that provides three forms of caffeine: caffeine anhydrous, infinergy di-caffeine malate and caffeine citrate. Each form has a different purpose and unique stimulating properties. It might seem that a dose of 600 mg of caffeine is an exaggerated amount and that such an amount would not necessarily be an optimal dose. However, the key element here is the combination of the three forms of caffe, which act in different ways. You get a solid and fast ‘kick’ that lasts for a long time.

Apollon R-600 ingredients:

1 serving of the supplement, 1 capsule, which provides 600 mg of pure stimulants.

Caffeine anhydrous – 350 mg

Caffeine is the most popular stimulant that is completely safe. Crossing the blood-brain barrier, blocks adenosine receptors [1]. But more importantly, it causes us to start feeling less tired and more willing to perform. In addition, is a good ergogenic, which in turn translates into an increase in physical activity. As well as improved exercise performance. Strong stimulation, an increase in endurance, and improved muscle performance are the main benefits of caffee use. In research studies, a dose of 400 mg of caffeine was effective in building muscle strength [2]. Also enhances thermogenesis. 

Infinergy di-caffeine malate – 200 mg

Di-caffeine malate is a combination of coffee and malic acid, in which the amount of pure caffeine is 150 mg. The remainder belongs to the attached buffer, malic acid. Essentially, di-caffe malate has all the same benefits you get when supplementing with the basic form of coffeinum, but with one very important exception. Infinergy gives a slightly weaker stimulation that builds up gradually and is prolonged over time. This allows R-600 to be effective for several hours. 

Caffeine citrate – 200 mg

The caffeine citrate molecule is a combination of 100 mg of caffeine and 100 mg of citric acid. This is a very fast-acting form of caffeine, which is linked to its excellent dissolution and rapid absorption. The use of caffe citrate in R-600 is intended to have a very fast-acting effect on the supplement, which we can feel after only a few minutes. In addition, citrate has the same properties as classic coffeinum. 

Unique performance of Apollon R-600

The combination of three forms of caffeine is the solution for those looking for a quick boost that lasts for a longer period. Citrate is the fastest-acting form of caffeine and it is the so-called ‘Kickstarter’. Citrate is rapidly absorbed and gives us an immediate boost. Classical anhydrous caffe takes effect after about 30-40 minutes, sustaining the effect of citrate. In the meantime, our body slowly begins to metabolize the di-caffeine malate, which reaches its peak just as the classic coffeinum begins to wane in effect (after about 2-3 hours), allowing the high level of stimulation to be maintained for a longer period. Importantly, the formula used does not cause a sudden drop in energy, a so-called ‘slide’. Stimulation builds up gradually and also gradually decreases. 

Practical advice from BodyShock.PRO on R600

Apollon R-600 is the solution for people who metabolize coffeinum quickly. The strong action, with an extended duration, will allow us to receive a large energy boost that lasts for a longer period. R-600 can be a good addition to supplements based on nitric oxide boosters or pre-workouts without stimulants in the composition. The supplement is available from BodyShock.PRO


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