Apollon Liver Lover – support for your liver.

Apollon Liver Lover liver pills

Apollon Nutrition is a brand known throughout the United States of America, whose motto is “No Compromise and Total Domination”! This slogan applies primarily to the composition of individual products, which are fully transparent. The company focuses on hardcore and proven additives that confirm their operation in numerous tests. You will not find here meaningless and cheap fillers. The compositions are fully thought out, and the doses of individual substances are solid. This time, Apollon presents the liver lover liver pills supplement, which is designed to comprehensively support liver function. Will you be seduced by a Liver Lover who will take care of your liver?

for the liver

Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover comprehensive support for the liver.

The supplement has been designed in such a way as to provide a high dose of active compounds to the liver. The product works well as an element of support for cycles using, for example, prohormones, which burden the liver. However, its operation is not limited only to shielding functions. Liver pills also supports nutrient metabolism so that your body can digest food more easily. What’s more, Liver Lover is suitable for lowering liver tests, lowering triglycerides and cholesterol.

Detailed composition of Liver Lover:


Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover – ingredients of the liver pills supplement:

1 serving, 5 capsules contain:

NAC Acetylated Cysteine – 1200 mg

NAC stimulates glutathione, which is the strongest natural antioxidant.

It is an ingredient that is necessary for our body to function properly. Glutathione deficiencies will have a destructive effect on the work of many organs of our body. What’s more, NAC perfectly eliminates the action of free radicals. It supports the fight against oxidative stress, protects liver cells from their damage [1]. Cysteine not only has a significant impact on liver regeneration, but also reduces the risk of inflammation.

NAC operation:

  • Regenerates the liver,
  • Has a strong detoxifying effect,
  • Supports the production of glutathione,
  • Strong antioxidant effect,
  • Protects liver cells.

Reishi Mushroom – 1000 mg

Reishi mushrooms have a health-promoting effect. They prevent inflammation and protect the liver from damage. Very important are their cleansing properties, which take care of the proper functioning of the liver. Reishi neutralize all kinds of harmful substances such as alcohol. They support the liver in the fight against viral [2]inflammation .In addition, Reishi mushrooms have adaptogenic properties.

Action of Reishi Mushroom:

  • They cleanse the liver,
  • Protect against inflammation,
  • They act prophylactically in case of poisoning,
  • Neutralize harmful drugs, e.g. the action of prohormones,
  • They accelerate alcohol detoxification.

Milk Thistle – 1000 mg – 80% silymarin

Milk thistle has detoxifying properties for the liver. All thanks to the active substances in the extract, such as silymarin. Silymarin belongs to substances from the group of flavonolignans, organic compounds that are similar in structure to ligands.The action of the active substance effectively supports liver [3]detoxification. What’s more, it protects the organ from the effects of toxins, mainly drugs that burden the liver, poor diet and alcohol. In scientific studies, with the use of milk thistle, its very good effect has been shown when it comes to counteracting drug-induced liver [4]damage.

Milk Thistle is:

  • Protects the liver,
  • Neutralizes toxic substances,
  • Facilitates the work of the liver,
  • Supports digestion,
  • Detoxifies.

TUDCA – 300 mg

TUDCA is an abbreviation for tauroursodeoxycholic acid. Acid is a substance from the group of drugs for the liver, which are used in the treatment of m.in cholangitis. Its action focuses on strong liver regeneration. TUDCA takes care of the patency of the bile ducts, prevents m.in cholestasis. It is responsible for liver metabolism, improves the work of the organ and protects liver cells from death [4]. The supplement also supports the fight against fatty liver disease, as well as has a beneficial effect in the treatment of inflammation. In sports supplementation, it works perfectly as an element improving fat metabolism, as well as has a protective effect when using drugs from the SAA group.

Operation of TUDCA:

  • Caring for the patency of bile ducts,
  • Detoxifying effect on the liver,
  • Rapid regeneration of liver cells,
  • Protective effect on the liver,
  • Better fat metabolism,

Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover – tablets for the liver

Liver lover, as the name suggests, is a supplement that will surround your liver with love, and most importantly, your liver will love it too! The liver pills contained in the product will make your liver repay you with impeccable work, good enzymatic parameters, low triglycerides and cholesterol levels. The supplement will protect the liver against the effects of toxic drugs, reduce inflammation, protect against free radicals. In addition, support in the digestion of fats will protect the bile ducts from excess work.

Practical advice from BodyShock.PRO

Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover are capsules for the liver that we recommend to all bodybuilders. There is no doubt that building muscle mass is associated with many challenges for the digestive system. If you want to become a big guest, you have to eat tons of food, which in turn must be processed by your liver. The life of a bodybuilder is very demanding for the liver, which is why Liver Lover seems to be an essential addition in the supplementation of every athlete.