ALPHA GLYCERYLPHOSPHORYLCHOLINE – otherwise GPC or Alpha GPC is a choline derivative that occurs naturally in the human body, more precisely in the brain. In supplementation, it is mainly used as a support for cognitive functions. It perfectly crosses the blood-brain barrier, where it has a stimulating effect on the growth of acetylcholine, which contributes to the intensification of its nootropic effect. Alfa GPC will effectively increase cognitive capabilities, support memory and concentration. This is a very good solution for people working mentally, where the supplement will effectively support memory processes. What’s more, ALPHA GLYCERYLPHOSPHORYLCHOLINE has a strong protective effect on the nervous system. It may prevent the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases in the future. In sports supplementation, Alfa GPC is usually an addition to peri-workout stacks. They are designed to support the work of the nervous system.

Dosage: 600-1200 mg per day.