ALANINE – belongs to protein amino acids, is part of the “golden 22”, which form muscle proteins, which are a key element of the synthesis course in muscle tissue. This means that it must be delivered to the body in order to build muscle effectively. It takes an active part in the so-called glucose-alanine pathway. The transfer of nitrogen between the muscles and the liver. It is also important in the process of gluconeogenesis, that is, the formation of glucose in non-sugar products, such as amino acids. Our body can synthesize it cysteine, valine and pyruvate, these amounts are too small in training people. Extreme deficiencies, however, are rare and usually affect malnourished people. Alanine is involved in many metabolic processes, is responsible for energy production, so its appropriate level will determine exercise capacity. It will also shape the processes of regeneration and reconstruction of tissues.

Dosage: 3-5 grams per day.