AFTERDARK – pre-workout, fat burner and aromatase inhibitor – NEW in Europe


AFTERDARK – pre-workout, fat burner, aromatase inhibitor – a new brand of hardcore supplementation!

AFTERDARK Pharmauceuticals is a supplement brand for advanced people. Currently, a new one has appeared in the offer: pre-workout, fat burner and aromatase inhibitor.

The company focuses on uncompromising and proven solutions that will satisfy the most demanding players. Interestingly, the company’s policy is focused on distribution only with proven partners. You will not meet supplements at popular online auctions. Thus, searching the Internet may not be the solution to receive their products.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. The products will be delivered to trusted audiences who offer the best supplement brands.

What products does AFTERDARK offer us?

At the moment, we will receive three products of the brand, and these are pre-workout, fat burner and aromatase inhibitor. A detailed description of the products can be found below in the text. These are three products that are to supplement the supplementation market with advanced solutions that give measurable benefits. These suplents were not chosen by chance. The company enjoys good sources of individual active substances, which translate into solid performance of their products. As we know, good active components are the success of the entire supplement. Sometimes the inconspicuous-looking composition and doses put our vigilance to the assessment of supplements to sleep. The synergy of operation and quality makes us feel as if we got a completely new product after application.

What products will we get?

Przedtrening├│wka INHUMAN Pre-workout


Inhuman Preworkout is a pre-workout consisting of 4 active mixtures:

Rage and Energy Complex – a stimulant complex that aims to motivate you to act. We will find here a caffeine mixture (three types of caffeine), DMHA and synephrine. Noteworthy are the doses of 2-Aminoisoheptane and synephrine, which are as high as possible. It is a solid base that should stimulate very well.

Inhuman Muscular Volumization – pumping complex. Its action is aimed at achieving a significant muscle pump. A large dose of l-citrulline guarantees us a solid pump. The mixture is supplemented with glycogen polymers and taurine.

Naural Acticvation And Anti Crash – nootropic additives. This is one of the obligatory items that are currently characterized by good pre-workouts. The complex is also aimed at protecting the nervous system from overload. Anti Crash action is a popular treatment that makes us not feel a sudden drop in energy when the supplement loses its effect. In the mixture we find noopept, huperzine A, tyrosine and l-theanine. Nootropic substances will allow you to feel better motivation, concentration and focus.

Explosive Strenght – the last mixture is designed to strengthen your muscles during exercise. The patented formula of Creatine Pyrinox and beta-alanine is a combination that will take care of intensive muscle work and increase endurance capabilities.

Pre-workout has a complete effect. It is not focused only on strong arousal. INHUMAN has additives that increase the efficiency of your nervous system. Strong arousal here is complemented by a nootropic effect, which significantly increases concentration during exercise. A significant addition of citrulline means that we also get a solid no-booster.

INHUMAN pre-workout , how to use?

We use the INHUMAN pre-workout in the amount of 1 scoop (12.2 g) 20-30 minutes before training. It is best to keep about a 2-hour interval from the meal. The assimilation of nutrients does not require much time. Already after about 20 minutes we begin to feel a surge of energy combined with better well-being.

Fat burner Phyrodex Thermogenic

fat burner

The second product is the PYRODEX fat burner with a strong thermogenic effect. Here we will find three active formulas, such as:

Rage & Energy Complex – a mixture of three forms of caffeine, known from pre-workout. What’s more, we also have DMHA and synephrine. In addition, the fat burner also contains theobromine and hordenine. The mixture of active ingredients is aimed at strong stimulation. This is important because we are able to maintain the full training intensity. Higher intensity, in turn, means a greater energy expenditure.

Thermogenesis & Calorie Pyrotechnics – allows us to increase the level of thermogenesis and accelerate weight loss. Fat burner ingredients such as ThermoGBB and CalorieBurnGP allow for efficient use of fat. They are responsible for the possibility of using fat from the body for energy needs. In the complex we will also find Brigham Tea extract, which is a source of ephedrine alkaloids.

Muscle Stration & Water Loss Complex – removes subcutaneous water and gives the muscles a hard look. The fat burner allows you to achieve the lowest possible level of fat. Diuretics take care of low subcutaneous water levels, and yohimbine allows you to reduce the most resistant fat.

The whole fat burner is supplemented with B vitamins and iodine. They are designed to maintain high activity of the thyroid gland, which translates into increased metabolic activity. The PYRODEX fat burner is a combination of highly effective active compounds. Its action is aimed at significantly raising body heat, which contributes to increased fat reduction. The burner will also allow you to maintain a low level of subcutaneous water, which is important for people preparing to compete in silhouette competitions.

How to use the PYRODEX fat burner?

Depending on the amount of fat in the body, the burner can be treated as a pre-workout or used more often. People who are quite overweight should use 1 serving a day (2 capsules) before physical activity. Like pre-workout preparations, we should keep a 2-hour interval from a meal, and the supplement itself should be used about 30 minutes before training.

Aromatase inhibitor Estrozole

estrogen blocker

The third supplement is the aromatase inhibitor ESTROZOLE. The supplement consists of:

Aromatase Inhibition Complex – consists of strong estrogen blockers.

Arimistane, dehydroabietanic acid, indole derivative and DIM. The complex strongly affects the aromatase enzyme. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It lowers estradiol levels and thus increases the amount of testosterone.

Hepatic & Renal Cycle Support – a mixture supporting the work of the liver and digestive system. We find in it acetylated cysteine, milk thistle and glutathione. These are components that perfectly take care of internal organs and their regeneration.

Dihydrotestosterone Hair Protection Complex – a mixture that protects hair against DHT. Hair bulbs are susceptible to damage when there is too much testosterone derivatives in our body. This takes place mainly during the cycle using SAA, but not only. Currently, many men are exposed to premature hair loss, which is associated with too much DHT in the body. The supplement will protect your hair from falling out.

The whole is supplemented with vitamin D3, selenium, zinc and magnesium. So, as we can see, the composition is quite rich. We can successfully use the supplement as part of post-cycle PCT therapy. It will be suitable to support unlocking. Controlling hormones on the cycle is an activity that should interest every steroid amateur. The optimal level of estrogen will allow us to counteract many side effects.

How to use the aromatase inhibitor ESTROZOLE?

We use Estrozole in a dose of 3 capsules before bedtime.

Pre-workout, aromatase inhibitor, FAT BURNER AFTERDARK, where to buy?

AFTERDARK Pharmaceuticals supplements will soon be available in the BodyShock.PRO store