ADVANTRA Z BITTER ORANGE (FRUIT)(30%SYNEPHRINE) – a patented ingredient from bitter orange with a standardization of 30% synephrine content. Advantra Z is a clinically tested compound that guarantees us high safety of use. Synephrine in sports supplementation helps to lose weight. Its action strongly increases the level of thermogenesis, which contributes to the reduction of appetite. As well as the intensification of lipolytic processes. Thermogenesis raises body temperature. The phenomenon consisting in a significant increase in the production of thermal energy, which makes the body more willing to use stored adipose tissue for energy needs. Lipolysis reactions are then intensified, which consist in the breakdown of fat, into a form that the body can use for physical activity. Synephrine also has a stimulating effect, quite often it is comparable to ephedrine.

Dosage: 600 mg of extract before training.