ACTIVIN – is a patented formula derived from grape seed extract, which abounds in antioxidants. It abounds in a number of active compounds that have a strong biological effect in the human body. In Activin we find proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and a lot of vitamin E. The compound is designed primarily to have a strong antioxidant effect, thus strongly limiting the activity of free radicals. Free radicals damage many compounds active in our body, as well as are responsible for the destruction of cells. What’s more, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which effectively reduces all kinds of inflammation in our body, alleviates the course of many injuries or eliminates colds. Activin plays a special role in the protection of the circulatory system against the effects of atherosclerotic plaque. As well as prophylaxis of taking care of the condition of the heart muscle.

Dosage: 5 mg per day