AAKG – or arginine alpha ketoglutarate is a form of arginine with an extended duration of action. Arginine is a direct precursor of nitric oxide. It supports the synthesis of NO (nitric oxide) causing blood vessels to dilate and muscles to fill strongly with blood. AAKG works longer, we are able to achieve the effect of a muscle pump with prolonged action, which is enough for us for the entire training session, and even after the end of the effort. Arginine is a very important amino acid from the point of view of metabolic activities. Nitric oxide perfectly affects exercise capacity, not only improving regeneration. This action effectively promotes anabolism, allows you to significantly increase the amount of muscle mass. Arginine in the form of AAKG is also used as an element of hypertension prevention. Prolonged action effectively maintains a low blood pressure value.

Dosage: 3-5 grams before strength training.