5-ALPHA(5A-ETIOALLOCHOLAN-3,6,17-TRIONE) – is a patented compound and is known as “Kneller’s trion”. This substance is attributed the potential to positively change the ratio of testosterone to estradiol in the male body. The active substance also has an ergogenic effect, which will significantly affect exercise capacity. Kneller’s trion has the ability to promote the formation of testosterone by the body, by endogenous route. This has a beneficial effect on the growth of muscle mass, but also affects sexual capabilities and better libido. It is a derivative of the molecule, which is known as “6-OXO”. In sports supplementation, the ingredient is used as an element of PCT supplements, which are designed to stabilize the level of hormones in the body. Kneller’s trione supplement limits the effect of aromatase, allows you to enjoy more free testosterone.

Dosage: 25 mg per day.